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Updated on October 5th, 2015
Hello there,
Thanks for visiting my page. If you're here, chances are you don't know me very well, but have heard of me, just met me, or was curious enough to google me. In that case, below is a mini-bio I wrote that will tell you a lot more about who I am and what I'm about. Enjoy!

Earlier days...  College Graduate, English Major with expertise in non-fiction/editing and creative writing... went to Grad School for Education and became a High School English Teacher, Creative Writing Teacher, and Varsity Soccer Coach.
After teaching for several years, I transitioned to my other passion - my body. I studied alternative therapies and experimented with nutritional therapy, fasting, and detoxing. I became a Certified Holistic Life Coach (CHLC) and was a 1-on-1 weight loss counselor at a private wellness center. On a related note, I will be soon publishing the book -- Fat Loss Mindset: The 8 Rules of Lean Body Mastery. If you go to that website, you can reserve a free copy of the e-book version. 

Meanwhile... since my days in college, I had always been a CODING nerd, meaning I studied all the behind-the-scenes digital coding magic that was responsible for this thing that people called the INTERNET. Little did I know that I would eventually end up getting a job in the digital world, ultimately becoming the VP of Digital Media for a major broadcasting company. I now own a marketing agency devoted to internet marketing, online branding, and sales optimization and act as the Architect and Creative Director of said services. P.S. my clients are like my family and represent businesses and "personalities" of all sizes.

Since I was very young, I have always had an affinity for the hidden powers of mind, and in fact started learning things like speed reading and advanced mnemonics when I was in grade school, but I am most passionate about "mindset" and "intuition" and have cultivated the application of these powers for the good of my personal success and those of my clients. 

Some of my more interesting personal manifestations include:
I have hung out with my favorite celebrities 1-on-1 (musicians and professional athletes), been an MVP and leading goal scorer for an undefeated high school championship soccer team, won a musical chairs contest with over 300 people, been a sidelines NFL Photographer and Media Correspondent covering my favorite team for several seasons, defeated a black belt in less than 10 seconds in an MMA fight using Jeet Koon Do (that's BRUCE LEE's martial art), was recently (2014) featured in a Primetime National TV commercial that ran for 2 months, get to drive my favorite dream car - a red Ferrari (Spider) whenever I want, and successfully transitioned from a 9-to-5-work-with-negative-people-rush-hour-sucks lifestyle to a work-when-want-for-who-i-want lifestyle that is joyful and rewarding.

I have many mentors, but my ultimate inspiration, best friend, and Jedi Master from whom I have learned how to live, pray, and love is my mother. She has passed from this world, but continues to bless me with her presence and teach me powerful Truths of the Universe in very amazing ways.

If you are interested in working with me, send me an email and let me know what you are trying to achieve in the next 3-6 months for yourself or your business... and we can go from there. The possibilities are endless, your potential, limitless. May the Force be with you, always.
Enzo Giovanni
"Enzo is a creative genius and unequal in the  visual arts." 
~Rick "Doc" Walker, TV & Radio Personality, NFL Super Bowl Champion, and creator of the ProView Business Network -- DocWalker.com
"Enzo's intuitive creativity and unique marketing angles are truly genius! It feels like Christmas whenever we go over his progress!"
~Robin Dimicelli, Founder of Ripped Cream -- RippedCream.com
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